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The Gift Of Artisan Plant-Based Cheesemaking Just Got Better

The Cheese Lover’s Dream Experience

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Everything you need in a single box!!

The delicious fun of Artisan Cheesemaking now comes in a single kit – everything you need to dive in and fall deeply in love with the joy of making delicious artisan plant-based cheese from home…

No matter if this gift is for yourself…. A project you want to make together with those you love… Or a new hobby for someone who loves cheese AND making things with their hands…

Now you can give the complete “gift of artisan plant-based cheesemaking” to those you love – This is the hassle-free way to easily make your favourite types artisan plant-based cheese in less than an hour.

(although don’t be surprised if it’s eaten in minutes!)

!! Celebration Offer !!

Special “Launch Edition” – This Weekend Only

Jéromine Navi

Dear Plant-Based Cheese Lover ❤️

I’m thrilled to invite you to be part of something very special…

In response to your support and feedback… And by popular demand!! Deli Devi is launching our first-ever plant-based cheesemaking kit!!

And I would like to personally invite you to join our launch celebration this weekend…

First things first, I want to thank you…

I absolutely love hearing your powerful positive experiences of making all of the various recipes from the Deli Deli Plant-Based Cheese Library 🥰

In particularl, how much you and the Deli Devi Cheesemaking Community love making plant-based cheeses and desserts together with those who they love!!

“…The Best Bit Was…”


And you’ve said that it’s goes beyond the recipes.

I’ve loved hearing how it’s about more than the wonderful cheesey flavours of Deli Devi’s plant-based cheese recipes … 

It’s also about how much you love the experiences of sharing artisan cheese making as a gift with others.

Sometimes that means enjoying cheesemaking as “a delicious kitchen project” – by making our tasty cheese recipes together with those you love

And sometimes that see you giving the gift of a new “passion hobby” to the other cheese lovers in your life! (And how you then get to put down the chef’s hat, to play the role of master cheese taster!! fun!!)

And of course – that also includes giving yourself and your family the experience of shaing all your favourite cheesy foods, together with Deli Devi’s delicious plant-based recipes.

It’s beautiful that the Deli Devi goes beyond healthy delicious food – into creating beatuful connecting experiences for everyone you love.

“…But The Problem Was…”


Together – The Deli Devi team and I have also been looking for ways to improve… 

We’ve been paying very close attention to some of the challenges you and your loved ones face as new cheesemakers.

For example…

The time delay and energy suck of shopping for all of the right ingredients.

And the headache of doubts about getting the types of ingredients “right”. Or what substitutes you can and can’t use.

Then there’s running out of the ingredients you need, just when you want to make your new favourite types of plant-based cheese.

Plus, how sometimes the stores don’t have what you need. Or they don’t have economic quantities – Which means you waste your time and money, repeatedly buying little bits here and there.

“It Was A Bit Of A Show Stopper”


That’s the saddest feedback we hear.

How all of that can get in the way of diving into the joy of cheese making…

How all of that gets in the way of you and your loved onces from truly enjoying the experiences of making (and sharing!) delicious artisan plant-based cheese recipes from home.

💔 The worst feedback we heard… 

Some cheese lovers never even got the chance to give it a go… 💔

They loved the idea… 

But because they were simply too busy to get the right ingredients and equipment they need. They never got round to experiencing the joys of making these recipes for themselves…

In fact – One of the Deli Devi Cheesemaking Community members summed it up perfectly when she emailed to ask us:

“Can’t you just send me everything I need in a box!?”

What A Brilliant Idea!!!

DSC_0654 (3)-2

Coconut Yogurt

DSC_0144 (8)-2

Almond Yogurt

DSC_0192 (4)




That started a lot of conversations and deep questions here at Deli Devi… 

And so the Deli Devi team and I put our heads together – We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, to create something truly special for you and those you love.

We’ve come up with a beautiful value-packed way to take away those headaches… those hassles… and those time delays… 

So now you can experience the quickest – most enjoyable – simple – easy – and high value way to dive in, and fall deeply in love with the passion of plant-based cheesemaking.

That’s why this weekend, I’m thrilled to invite you join the launch of…


Cream Cheese

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 4.26.12 PM

Cheese Sauce

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 12.51.19 PM





The Deli Devi Artisan Plant-Based Cheeemaking Kit

Simply open the box and…

Dive right into the joy of artisan plant-based cheesemaking. 

You’ll hear “ooooohs” and “ahhhhhhhs” as you flip through the pages of our beautiful book – drooling over all of the 71 different cheesy recipes you can all make together…

They’ll say “Well, that was easy!” (Even if they’re the least skilled of cooks!) And in less than an hour, you’ll all be enjoying mouth watering plant-based cheese. 

Imagine the fun your Dad, brother or best friend will have making their own cheese… Imagine being their official cheese taster… Better still, imagine diving in and making it yourself! And all in around an hour.

Simply put – We’ve done the hard work for you.

Just open the box and go!!

This super high-value kit has everything you need (except the crackers!!): Cheese molds, cashews, probiotics and nutritional yeast, herbs and spices, and more 

(Because we’re throwing in other surprise goodies for you too – in this special “launch edition” of our artisan plant-based cheesemaking kit!!)

Of course… 

Your kit also includes full access to all of the recipes in The Deli Devi Cheemaking Library – You’re getting both the physical recipe book, and also full digital access to all of the recipes… 

Which means you can use your kit to make all 12 of the different types of cheese (and then use your cheese in making the full +70 recipes inside of the cheese library!!) 

In fact – There’s everything you need in the kit to make more than 20 batches of beautiful, your mouth-watering artisan cheese favourites. 

And of course…

Your kit also includes lifetime membership to the Deli Devi cheesemaking community – which for many of our customers is their favourite part!! 

(That’s where we get together to support one another, sharing our recipes and inspiration, as we go on the journey of plant-based cheesemaking together.)

Oh – And absolutely…

If you already have access to recipe library and the community – No worries!! 

You can always “gift” the digital parts of the cheese kit to someone you love. Simply drop us an email and we’ll take care of it for you 🤗 


How To Get Your Box

Now you’re probably wondering something like… 

“This sounds absolutely wonderful – but how much does it cost?”

Well, that’s something I’m truly excited to share with you. Because in our special launch this weekend, we’re actually not making any money from this. Instead, we’re 100% focused on delivering you absolute value.

You see – this is part of a much bigger picture… 

Together with the Deli Devi team – It’s our mission to make truly healthy plant-based cooking fun, easy and delicious for everyone to do.

So we’re going the extra mile here. (Well, we’re going a bit further than that!) We going to make sure we deliver outstanding value and make this launch an overwhelming success for you and everyone we serve.

That’s why we’re putting extra bonus goodies in this special launch edition of your Artisan Plant-Based Cheesemaking kit – by offering everything here for only $97.

This means for just $97 you can make hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars of artisan plant-based cheese for months on end. And give the gift of artisan plant-based cheese making to those who you love…

Which in the words of many of our community members is “priceless”.

Brilliant!! - These cheeses taste so realistic! My other half has been a vegan for over 20 years and when I gave him my first creation from this book he thought I had given him some dairy cheese accidentally!


Buy The Cheesemaking Kit Today and Get All These Amazing Bonuses

For Only $97

Special Launch Edition

This Weekend Only

As I mentioned – to ensure this is an overwhelming success, we’re limiting these special edition cheesemaking kits this our special launch – this weekend only. 

We’re doing it this way because we are 100% committed to delivering these to you with paramount service quality

And also because of the exceptional value, we’re putting into this “special launch edition” – Including the additional bonus gifts which are waiting for you inside of your kit!

On a personal note


I want to share my deep and sincere gratitude for you. 

We deeply appreciate you being part of our journey to share the gift of artisan plant-based cheesemaking with the world, and with those who we love.

Your support by joining this launch means a huge amount to myself and the Deli Devi team. And I look forward to hearing how much you love the kits – (including the surprise bonus goodie which will be inside of your Artisnan Cheesemaking Kit too)!!!

So please – Do share your experiences of using your artisan cheesemaking kit with us!!

It means so much to us to hear how much you love making all of our plant-based cheese recipes with your friends and family.

(And of course – please please share how much your friends and family love these recipes with us too + How easily and quickly they fall in love with making delicious plant-based cheese too!!) 

Together with the Deli Devi team – We’re here to support you with everything you need.

Thanks for being part of this journey with us. 

With love,

PS. Here’s some of my favourite reviews from lovers of the Cheese Library


This recipe library has changed my life. Being a vegetarian for years I never thought I could give up dairy. Not now! I’ve had great success with all of the different types of cream cheese!! My family loves them. The results are well worth it.


Every one of these came out A+ flavor and texture-wise. I double checked my subjective opinion by feeding them to my non-allergic (dairy-eating) friends, and got 2 thumbs up from everyone!


They don’t taste like a fake thing trying to be something else. They are excellent foods by their own right and just darn good stuff. (Especially the halloumi quinoa salad. It is to die for.


I recommend this recipe library if you want to bring exciting meals for your family and friends. You should see my non-vegan friend’s faces when they tried the “Raw Vegan Greek Pizza with Feta”… totally worth it!! Thank you Deli Devi


These recipes are, hands down, the greatest surprise that I’ve had in the kitchen for a very long time. Just knocked my socks off. My husband’s too. Goodness! Simply fantastic!!


Amazing recipes that allow someone on a non-dairy diet to experience the joys of cheese again.

Buy The Cheesemaking Kit Today and Get All These Amazing Bonuses

For Only $97


Fully Backed by our

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you order, I just want to tell you exactly what to expect.

The first edition should arrive in our warehouse in 3 weeks, so it might take 4-6 weeks to reach your home.

Our top goal is to make sure you get your own copy as sooner.

I’m quite sure this is going to be sold out very quickly.

One must-have piece of equipment is a blender.

A high-powered or high-speed blender will make the job really easy but it isn’t necessary. Any blender strong enough to blend softened cashews will do. We recommend blenders over 1400W in power.

Other tools needed are things you probably already have in your kitchen or that can be easily found in your local supermarket, kitchen supply store or online.

Most of our cheeses use cashew nuts and/or coconut, so we wouldn’t recommend the course to anyone who has a nut allergy.

If you can make a shake, soup or salad you probably have all the required skills to get started with cheesemaking

They’re also all on Amazon, and can definitely be found in health food stores like Whole Foods.

All the recipes in the course are gluten free.

All the recipes in the course are paleo friendly, except for one version of feta and halloumi cheese that are made with tofu.

Ingredients like oil, salt, sugar and flour are used in the program, but you can always adjust recipes to your liking when possible. 

We offer a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. So that’s the easiest way to try it.

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