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How Would You Like to Learn to Make Mouth-Watering Aged Vegan Cheese?

Including Aged, Plant-Based Cheeses Like Camembert,
Gouda, Cheddar, and More…

How would you like to get even more plant-based cheese recipes you can make at home?

Including delicious aged cheeses like mouth-watering gouda… creamy camembert… and rich, pungent truffle cheese?

Nearly every day, we have people who reach out, wanting to learn our recipes for aged vegan cheese.

As a cheese lover, I know why… as wonderful as fresh cheese is, there’s something extra special about aged cheese. 

Assorted plant-based cheese with some of our most popular types


Aged cheeses are firm and aromatic, with a rich, luxurious flavor that coats the palate. 

Plant-based Cheddar cheese, crafted & aged in our deli

Aged cheese is also great for your health…

They contain probiotics, good bacteria that help balance your gut, easing digestion while boosting immunity.

And because our recipes are entirely plant-based, they support a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Deli Devi’s “World Famous” Aged Cheese

Over the years, word has gotten out about Deli Devi’s aged cheeses.

Cheese lovers who visit our shop are amazed at how delicious and flavorful aged plant-based cheese can be. 

What customers say about our aged cheeses…


April 11, 2021

Amazing selection of cheeses… as a vegan I am not afraid to say that Deli Devi has the best vegan cheeses I have tried.




March 31, 2021 

Best Vegan cheddar!
I can highly recommend Deli Devi’s products, that are made with so much love. The selection of vegan cheeses is amazing and the taste is just heavenly!

– oiuytrewqa



01 May 2020

The BEST vegan cheese! Their cheeses are simply amazing… the truffle and the smoked cheeses where the best in our opinion. 

– HannaRavnskov


Eventually, we had so many people wanting to learn our recipes, I knew we had to share.

That’s when I decided to create the Aged Cheese Masterclass

A step-by-step course on how to start making delicious, aged vegan cheeses, right in your own kitchen.

The Aged Cheese Masterclass

If you’d love to experience the luxurious taste of aged cheese, but without dairy products, then this course is for you.

In the Aged Cheese Masterclass, I give you everything you need to start making delicious aged cheese at home.

I take you by the hand and show you how to make five aged cheeses, including…

  • Cumin Gouda made with aromatic cumin seeds… this cheese has a warm, spicy flavor  that blends beautifully with the texture of the cheese
  • A rich, flavorful Cheddar made with miso, paprika, onion, and turmeric. One of our most popular vegan cheeses at Deli Devi
  • A mouth-watering Truffle Cheese made with pungent truffle oil. This umami-rich cheese has a distinct earthy, garlicky, and nutty flavor
  • A creamy Camembert with a wonderful nutty and mushroomy taste… perhaps my favorite vegan cheese of all
  • And finally, a sumptuous Smoked Cheese made with smoked wood chips… it’s surprisingly easy to make, and perhaps the richest, most flavorful cheese we offer

Plus, you’re also going to learn…

  • Unique methods to achieve “real aged cheese” texture


  • How to use bacteria for healthy fermentation and wonderful, tangy flavors
  • Practical tips to keep your cheese mold and contamination-free

The Easiest Way to Start Making Aged Vegan Cheese

The Aged Cheese Masterclass makes it easy to get started.

Using high-quality video, I show you the equipment you’ll need, the ingredients, and of course, every step for how to prepare your delicious, plant-based cheese.

You’ll learn how to correctly prep your cheese base, mould your cheese, salting, and aging, and more.

I also show you techniques for preparing your kitchen space, and where to find your ingredients.

If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry… most students are surprised by how easy it is to make aged cheese.

These recipes require few ingredients, and can be made by anyone, whether you’re experienced at cheesemaking, or completely new. 

The Cheesemaking Class For True Cheese Lovers

If you love cheese, and you’re serious about eating a healthy, plant-based diet, you’re going to love this course.

In the Aged Cheese Masterclass, you’ll learn step by step how to make delicious cheeses like…

  • Cheddar
  • Camembert
  • Truffle Cheese
  • Smoked Cheese
  • and Cumin Gouda 

The best part is, I show you everything you need to do to make your cheeses.

There’s no guesswork, minimal ingredients, and it takes very little time to get started.

A Special Invitation to Join…

Normally, the price to join the Aged Cheese Masterclass is $297.

But a limited time we would like to offer you a 67% off the regular price.

To join the Aged Cheese Masterclass and save, simply click the button below now.

Please note that this is a limited time offer… to save 67%, on the Aged Cheese Masterclass, you’ll need to sign up from this page.

Otherwise, the price to join will go back to $297.

What Will I get as part of this training?

All of the recipes are:

100% plant based

All natural ingredients

Dairy free

Paleo/ Keto friendly

"easy to follow with all the pro-tips, simplified in a bite-size format"

“At Deli Devi, I tasted my first aged vegan cheese that tasted like real cheese. I fell in love and I knew I needed to learn how to make it myself.

I took the masterclass. What a journey! The cheeses took one to two months to ferment at home until they were ready. They were delicious.

All the recipes and directions are so easy to follow with all the pro-tips, simplified in a bite-size format.” Anna

Hi! I am Jéromine from DELI DEVI

Deli-devi Jeromine

I have always been passionate about cheese, so when I turned vegan, I tasted all the plant-based cheese I could find in the stores. 

But none of them would satisfy my cheese craving. Or it didn’t taste like cheese or it didn’t have its texture.

Looking for healthy substitutes to quench my longing for cheese sent me on a journey.

This journey brought me to open Deli Devi, a boutique health store but also a chocolate and vegan cheese factory.

Very soon, our cheese became the most popular and well-known in our area. We started supplying restaurants and shops on a wholesale scale.

People from all background came to me asking how the cheese were made.

I started to offer workshops into plant-based cheese-making that quickly became fully booked, with waiting list. As the requests grew and came from all over the world, I decided to create this online course to share more widely this precious and rewarding knowledge.

Here's what Our Students have to say about our Aged Cheese Masterclass

I really enjoyed the course. Even with zero knowledge about the field, I was able to make super tasty cheese. Highly recommended, amazing teacher and super dynamic way of learning the Art of Vegan Cheese Making.
Sol, Argentina

“The perfect and delicate Truffle Cheese at Deli Devi always left us with a craving of wanting more of it.

So when Jeromine released her masterclass I was the first to sign-up. The course gave me all the knowledge to make as many cheese as I want. Now I live in abundance!”

Shani, Israel

Join the Training Today and Get All These Amazing Bonuses

For Only $279.00

Special sale ends in

How can I know if this Course is right for me?

Definitely you are an aged cheese lover!

You might already be vegan but you miss and crave cheese.. Sounds familiar?

Most of us can relate. To be on a plant-based diet is your philosophy but still you can’t get away. This texture and flavor of cheese haunt you. And any of the store-bought options are neither satisfying, nor even similar to cheese!

You are considering becoming vegan but a world without cheese is too hard to envision. If ever you could get something without any dairy that could make up to it.

You discovered you, or a close family member, cannot have any dairy anymore but you still want cheese on your table every dinner.

You are extremely dissatisfied by the vegan cheese you find on the market. They are heavily processed and contain way too much preservatives! Healthy eating and clean wholesome products are your motto.

You are a vegan chef and you want to expand your skill level. Offering vegan cheese in your restaurant is your next challenge!

Then this Course is for you! It will satisfy all your cravings and bring your skills in the kitchen to the next level.


Fully Backed by our

The Aged Cheese Masterclass is completely risk-free to join. 

Sign up today, and you’ll have a full 60 days to go through the course and try it out for yourself.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, let us know within 60 days and we’ll send you a complete refund, no questions asked. 

It’s that easy.

Ready to Get Started?

My Aged Cheese Masterclass is the best way to start making mouth-watering aged vegan cheese at home.

With this course, you’ll have everything you need to make traditionally cultured, ripened cheeses bursting with flavor…

For true cheese lovers, there’s no better way to explore the wonders of aged vegan cheese.

Aged Cheese Masterclass

Limited Time only
Join This Training

For Only $279.00


Yes, that is just a one-time payment of only $97

Everything is delivered digitally, so you can get started right away.

Again, this is a very limited time offer

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Once paid, you’ll get immediate access to our private members area.

So go ahead and save your spot now by clicking the button below.

To join the Aged Cheese Masterclass, simply click the button below, and the course will be added to your order.

You’ll get immediate access to the masterclass, and all video content.

I can’t wait to see you inside the course.

Bon Appetit!


Jeromine Navi

PS: I encourage you, don’t delay.
Keep in mind, you’re protected by our 60-day guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

One must-have piece of equipment is a blender.

A high-powered or high-speed blender will make the job really easy but it isn’t necessary. Any blender strong enough to blend softened cashews will do. We recommend blenders over 1400W in power.

Other tools needed are things you probably already have in your kitchen or that can be easily found in your local supermarket, kitchen supply store or online.

All of the cheeses are made out of cashew nuts, so we wouldn’t recommend the course to anyone who has a cashew nut allergy.

If you can make a shake, soup or salad you probably have all the required skills to get started with cheesemaking

All the recipes in the course are gluten free.

All the recipes in the course are paleo friendly, as they are made with mostly cashew nuts

We offer a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. So that’s the easiest way to try it.

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