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The Plant Based
Aged Cheese Masterclass

Learn How To Make Artisan Aged Cheese From Natural & Healthy Ingredients

In the aged cheese masterclass, you will learn how to craft plant-based versions of Camembert, Cheddar, Truffle cheese, Cumin gouda, and smoked cheese.


Their common feature is a four to six-week aging process which transforms basic and minimal ingredients into a full-flavored and remarkable plant-based cheese.


The cheese you will learn to make in this Masterclass is traditionally cultured, ripened in specific conditions.


It takes longer for the cheese to be ready to enjoy.


But its unique flavor and texture are like nothing else!


An experience that is really worth waiting for!


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So, would you like to try these delicious aged cheeses?


What You'll Learn In This Training?

Join the Plant-Based Aged Cheese Masterclass For Just 3 payment of $16

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