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The Ultimate Guide To Plant-Based Cheese Making

An easy step by step approach to making Delicious dairy-free cheese - You Didn't Believe Could Exists

These 30+ amazing recipes are specially designed for the beginner cheese maker.

Which means they’re so simple and easy, most take just 20 minutes to make.

My goal is simple: to give you better, tastier, more nutritious alternative to store bought cheese.

In just a short time – You’ll discover that plant-based cheese is not a replacement – rather is a gourmet food, and as good as the real thing.

and most importantly…

You will have a clear conscious – knowing that you are making healthy for yourself, and for the good of plant.


Here's what Our Students have to say about our trainings

“At Deli Devi, I tasted my first plant-based cheese that tasted like real cheese. I fell in love and I knew I needed to learn how to make it myself.

All the recipes and directions are so easy to follow with all the pro-tips, simplified in a bite-size format.” – Anna

“The perfect and delicate Cheeses at Deli Devi always left us with a craving of wanting more of it. So when Jeromine released her masterclass I was the first to sign up.

The course gave me all the knowledge to make as much cheese as I want. Now I live in abundance!” – Shani

Is this training right for me?

→ If you love cheese – Definitely!

→ If you are trying to avoid eating dairy – but you miss and crave cheese.

 If it hard for you to let go of the texture and flavor of cheese. or just love to indulge 

→ If you feel that store-bought options are neither satisfying nor even similar to cheese!

→ If you want to follow a plant based diet – but a world without cheese is too hard to envision.

in any of these sound like you…
then this training is absolutely for you!

Not only it will satisfy all your cravings,
but also take your skills in the kitchen to the next level.

but more than anything else – it’s just freaking delicious. 

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